A very very very busy weekend!

Hi! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving & found amazing Black Friday deals! Our Thanksgiving has changed within the past 2 years, since we no longer live in WV. Now with my brother Colt & I both living in Charlotte, we decided to do Thanksgiving in Charlotte this year. I­t­ was so nice having our family together, along with Madison, my brothers fiancé & my boyfriend Alex. My mom cooked for us, my dad brought soup from Myrtle Beach (that’s a funny story to tell), and we had dessert from Reid’s in Southpark. We spent the day eating, napping, and just hanging out as a family. Thursday night, the guys went to Dick’s to see the Black Friday deals, while the girls stayed behind and watched a movie.

Early Friday morning, Alex & I got up and caught the early flight to Houston where we spent the day with his brother & fiancé for their engagement party. Taylor is originally from Texas, so I­t­ was nice seeing her family & friends. The engagement party was absolutely GORGEOUS. I’ll post pictures. We spent Friday & Saturday in Houston, and flew home late Saturday night.

Then, Sunday morning I scheduled Alex & I holiday pictures. Not thinking how late we would get in, I scheduled them for Sunday morning at 8:30, oops! Let’s just say thank god for Photoshop, because we were exhausted. We took pictures at James Boyce park in Matthews, and they turned out sooo good! After our pictures, we came home and slept for hours.

He jokes and says I try to plan as much as I can into one weekend, and I’m starting to believe that is true!!

So since Christmas is approaching, I have decided to have a “giveaway gift” for everyone that reads my blog! I’m so thankful for my followers! The gift will be a handbag from http://www.coutureplanet.com. Make sure to look them up! I saw the bags at a boutique in Charlotte & fell in love! To enter for the gift, like my Facebook/Instagram & leave a comment on my blog post or social media posts! The winner will be announced next Tuesday evening!!

Below are pictures from the engagement party & our holiday photos!

Hope everyone has an amazing week!



16 thoughts on “A very very very busy weekend!

  1. Kathy Fredeking says:

    I LOVED this blog!!!! More about the soup, please! We have gone to Cincy the past two years, since John is there….new traditions, new memories💙


  2. Emily says:

    I’m glad you decided to start blogging again! It’s so fun to read since we’re both SO busy I get to catch up somehow!! 😊 I’m glad you had a great Thanksgiving!!


  3. Dana Farley says:

    Love your Sadie! You an Sadie remind me so much of your mom an her dog! Love your blog! Keep it coming! Merry Christmas! And please tell soup story!
    Dana Farley


  4. Fabiana Osorio says:

    Loving your blog! The life of Court & Sadie is definitely my fav!
    Can’t wait to hear the soup story!
    The pictures turned out beautiful, great memories and every time you look at them, hou will remember the stories behind them!
    Send Sadie my love!


  5. Becca Mallory says:

    I love reading your blog. It’s already introduced me to so many amazing brands I’ve never heard of. Cam wants to kill me haha Keep them coming!


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