Remember the reason for the season!

Happy Holidays! I can not believe it is already December!! This year has flown by! 2017 has been amazing, so I’m excited to see if 2018 can be any better!!

This time of the year is absolutely crazy for everyone! You are decorating, buying gifts, attending parties, and traveling for the holidays. Although I know that all of us are so fortunate for everything we have & every gift we receive, there are others who are not as lucky. So instead of writing a blog on the “perfect gift” or “top 20 items” I decided to share with you a few ways to give back during the holiday season. Below I have posted 5 ways to give back or help families in need.

1. Choose a child off the Angel Tree. This is my favorite way to help. This is sponsored by the Salvation Army. These trees are usually located at Walmart or Target. You can go online to to find out exactly where the trees are located. This is such an easy way to give back. On the angels, the kids have listed items they would like to have. It is such a great feeling knowing they are getting exactly what they have wished for.

2. Giving to the local shelter. During this time of the year, there is always a shortage on coats. Coats are expensive, and hard for people to buy. It is also a good reason to clean out your closet 😉 what is old to you, is brand new to someone else. Give away clothes, coats, and accessories such as hats and gloves that you do not wear anymore.

3. Contribute to “Toys for Tots”. This is such an easy way to give gifts to children. These boxes are located pretty much everywhere during the holidays. I know many boutiques in Charlotte offer a % off if you donate a toy! Any and every toy is accepted!

4. Donate to the animal shelter. Going to the animal shelter breaks my heart. I physically can not do it. But during the holidays, and any other time, animals are in need just as much as humans. Animal shelters are always accepting food & blankets for the animals. A huge bag of food can feed a lot of the dogs/cats there. I plan on taking food/blankets to the local shelter here, but it’s very hard for me. If I walk in, I will want to leave with all the dogs! Sadie will not like that 🙊

5. Donate to the seasonal bell ringers. This money that you donate will go to the Salvation Army to help families in need. The bell ringers are usually outside of grocery stores & department stores. Any amount of money will help. Also think of the bell ringers standing in the cold. Offer them a coffee or hot chocolate 😉

These are just a few of the many ways to give back during the holiday. There are plenty of ways to help others in need! Doing a good deed & helping others will always makes you feel better, I promise!

Next week, I plan on doing a Q&A blog!! Make sure to comment or send me questions you would like for me to answer! Anything including fashion, life, or Sadie would be great!! I hope everyone has a great week!!!

Also the winner of the Couture Planet wristlet is Lakelynn Keown!! Message me your address & I’ll send you the wristlet! You will love it & look fabulous carrying it!



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