Talk about me Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday! So this week I wanted to do a Q & A about myself! I love reading other people’s Q & A so I thought you guys might enjoy this!
1. What do you spend most of your money on? Well this is easy, and probably something every single one of you can guess. Shopping. I love to shop, and admit I have a major shopping problem. But the two main things I spend most of my money on are dresses and shoes. I am a firm believer that shoes make or break an outfit, so you must always have great shoes.
2. How did you and Alex meet? Well it’s a long story..buttt. I saw him online, on another guys bumble account & as soon as I saw his picture I screamed out oh my gosh who is that cute guy?! Sure enough it was a girl I worked with boyfriends brother. She ended up introducing us at a pregame before a concert & we’ve been together ever since!
3. Where do you online shop the most? Well, with living in Charlotte I don’t online shop as much as I use to. There are tons of boutiques and shopping here for me! But when I do online shop, I shop at Nordstrom, lululemon, and Neiman Marcus. I also use online shopping to look at stuff, and then end up going to the store to buy it!
4. Why did you decide to move to Charlotte? I graduated in may 2016 and moved home to WV. After living there for the summer, & being very bored, I decided I wanted to go back to school. I enrolled in Concord, and the day before classes I decided I couldn’t live in WV any longer. So I moved to Charlotte within the next month. It was a very brave, and scary move but I had nothing to lose. I moved here for better opportunity & I thank god every day that I did. It was the best decision of my life. I also really enjoy working with fashion, and that’s something i couldn’t do in WV.
5. When did you get Sadie? & why a bulldog? I got Sadie when I was in 11th grade. I was currently living with my dad at the time & our neighbor had a bulldog. From the second I saw her bulldog I fell in love!!! English bulldogs have a ton of health problems so my dad looked around & found a Victorian bulldog breeder in Hickory, N.C. Sadie is just like an English bulldog, she is just taller & doesn’t have as many health problems. I have had her since she was 8 weeks & she is now 8 years old!
6. What is your favorite pair of shoes & favorite handbag you own? Hmm this is a hard one. My absolute favorite pair of shoes I own are my ugg houseshoes. But those are acceptable to wear in public! Haha. My favorite shoes I own are probably my black Gucci mules. I wear them all the time & they are so easy to dress up or dress down an outfit. My favorite handbag I own is my micro Celine bag. I think I love it so much because of the story behind it. I will have to do another blog post on my handbags & the trips my mom & I have went on to get them!
7. Do you ever regret getting a degree in fashion? Yes and no. I sometimes regret it because some days at work I sit and think why is my job so boring or why am I doing this. But then other days I absolutely love it. I love it because if it wasn’t for my fashion degree, I wouldn’t be in the place I am today. & without my degree, I wouldn’t be able to make my dreams come true!
8. What is the best fashion advice you can give someone? Hmm. Wear what you want!! I think “trends” are sometimes overrated. Why wear what everyone else is wearing? If you have an outfit that you want to wear, but aren’t sure it’s “in style”, who cares! Fashion is always changing. Create your own style!!
9. What is your dream job? My dream job is to own my own boutique.
10. Where do you currently work? Right now I am currently working at Belk corporate. I work with the website as a web content administrator. Basically, I work through all the samples in women clothing & get them ready to go onto the website. It’s very repetitive, but I enjoy looking at the clothing before it goes online!
That’s just a little about me, my life & my princess! I hope you guys are having a great week! We got the rest of our holiday pictures back & im loving them!! Also I want to start doing liketoknowit so you guys can see where I get my outfits! With that, you will be able to shop my outfits!

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