Valentine’s Day date night outfits ❤️

Happy Monday! I am so glad it’s February! It felt like January was the longest month ever!! I have been so busy, but now I’m able to focus on my blog/instagram more! So make sure you stay up to date on blogs & outfit posts!

February means Valentine’s Day! This is mine & Alex’s first Valentine’s Day together & I am super excited!! I am having a hard time coming up with gifts though 😬 any ideas? Please share! Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse for couples to get dressed up and have a date night! Everywhere was booked for dinner, but thankfully we got into one of our favorite restaurants! Below I have added a few dresses for the perfect outfit. I can’t decide if I want to wear red or pink! (I would post my options, but he reads my blog soo I don’t want to spoil the surprise!) I will be sure to post a picture & let you guys know what I picked! I have added dresses that are pink & red, because when I think of Valentine’s Day those are the colors that come to mind!! These dresses are from H&M, Dillard’s, Express, and Nordstrom!

I hope everyone has an amazing week! I have a closet consultation tomorrow that I am sooo excited about!! I will be sure to take before & after pics!







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