Life of Courtney

Happy Thursday! This weather in Charlotte is soooo nasty! All I have wanted to do this week is nap and watch Netflix, but I have done everything but that.

My brother is getting married in April, and we are so excited! So earlier this week I spent Monday and Tuesday finding the perfect dresses for my aunt, cousins, and grandma. Its so fun watching and helping others find the perfect outfit for events! Today I spent 4 hours at a doctors office and didn’t even have the right paperwork to be seen (I am not very happy about this), but life goes on! Props to anyone that can work in the medical field, because I could NEVER do it. Also since its March 1st, I’ve decided its a good month to start focusing on my fitness goals.

When I lived in WV, fitness and health was my main focus. I was basically obsessed with it. I would work out twice a day and would freak out if I missed a workout. Because of this, I didn’t really have a life. I had a great body, but no life. However, when I moved to Charlotte I realized there was more to life than the gym. I was focused on work, meeting new people, and having fun. All of this resulted in weight gain. I was still working out, just not as much and not watching my food and drink intake. Then I met Alex. We love to have a good time and drink, and this has resulted in more weight gain. Over the past couple weeks I have really noticed, so I thought I need to try the “new month, new goals” saying. I plan on eating healthier, doing orange theory 4-5 times a week, and the stair climber everyday for 31 days. These are some pretty big goals, but I have faith I can do it. I would LOVE if anyone would do the stair climber with me for 31 days. The good thing about working out with others, is that it motivates you more to get your session done. If you would like to do this with me, lets use the hashtag #stairstosummerbod and tag me in it please! I did it for 30 minutes today, and watched Netflix and the time went by pretty quick!

I really hope everyone will join me this month in this! We won’t regret it come summer, I promise!!

I am also focusing more on blogs & outfit posts this month. Since I am currently not working at Belk Corporate, I am working on other things. Cant wait to share with you guys soon!

Have a great weekend!



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