Closet Cleanout/Organization

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone is ready for a new week! Sundays is my favorite day because it is perfect for relaxing and getting things ready for the upcoming week! Sorry for taking a few weeks off, my life has been so crazy the past few weeks! I have been so busy and have spent a week back in WV.

When I got home on Thursday I looked at my closet and realized how big of a mess it was🤦🏼‍♀️. I have been traveling a lot over the holidays and the first few weeks of the new year, so my closet is an absolute mess. I had stuff everywhere and had a hard time finding the clothes I needed. So today I decided to organize. I did a “mini” closet redo, because I didn’t have tons of time. I always do a huge closet redo at the end of winter and at the end of summer. Since I have so many clothes (oops!) I have to separate them by seasons and put them in two different closets. Today I worked on my main closet with my winter clothes. During this mini redo, I straightened all the hangers, put clothes back with their “categories” and made sure everything looked neat. I have 2 rows of clothes in my closet, so everything black on the bottom row has to be turned inside out. Sadie likes to hangout in my closet & hide underneath my clothes 😫 (I ALWAYS find her here when she is pouting or not getting enough attention). If I do not turn these clothes inside out, they will be covered with dog hair!

Organizing tips-

Avoid the dresser!! If you can, try and hang most of your clothes up. I have never been a fan of putting clothes in a dresser, because I forget they are in there! I use my dresser for pajamas, under garments, socks, and scarves!

Clean often! I feel like I am always cleaning out my closets. It is always good to get rid of the items you are not wearing. When I am cleaning out, I always ask myself the same question do I love this? If not, toss it! If you don’t like it then, chances are you will never wear it.

Give away/ Donate/Sell  I always try and sell the clothes after I clean out, that way I can go buy more and not feel guilty. The clothes that do not sale, I will give away to families in need or charities. There is always someone needing clothes and shoes.

Closet Tips-

  1. Keep all of bottoms together. For example, all jeans, leggings, and skirts are hanging near each other. That way you have all of my options and don’t have to look for them.
  2. Keep dresses organized by sleeve length. It is easier to keep them organized that way. It also looks more organized when they are hanging sleeveless, short sleeve, three quarter, and long sleeve.
  3. Workout clothes! All workout clothes are together. I have tons and tons of workout clothes and sometimes they end up all over the place. I have the tops and jackets on a rack and then the pants and leggings together. My workout clothes are always in the closet, and won’t move when I do my huge clean out.
  4. Keep blouses and sweaters separated. I have my blouses on the top shelf and sweaters below, so it is easy to find a sweater if I need one to cover up my blouse.
  5. Casual tops. I keep all my casual tanks, t shirts, and long sleeves together and organized by sleeve length. These are in the center of my closet, so it is easy to find if I need to pair it with an outfit.
  6. Shoes and more shoes. Keep them organized!!! I am the worlds worst at forgetting a pair of shoes and then finding them a month later and realizing how cute they are! My shoes are very organized, so i can see all of my options. Even though I am usually in my house shoes or loafers, it is nice to have options. I also switch my shoes out with my outfits for different seasons!

This is just a few tips for a “mini” closet clean out! If you ever have any questions or need help, please let me know! I also offer closet clean out services, so I would be more than happy to come help & get rid of the clothes for you!!!

Before- After-

Have a great week!



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