Shein Review

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone is having a good weekend! I have a love/hate relationships with Sunday’s šŸ˜• I love getting everything ready to start off the week but also hate that the weekend is over. My favorite part of Sunday is Sunday brunch & drinking mimosas! We either do Sunday brunch at Terrace Cafe in Ballantyne, or Alex cooks for us at home! If you go to Terrace be on the lookout for Panther players, it’s a hot spot for them. We saw Luke this morning!

Who has ever ordered from Shein? I found out about shein about a year ago when my friend & I were looking at a bloggers Instagram. Shein is almost to good to be true. Shein is an online retailer that has super cute pieces, for super cheap. They take high end items, make a similar item like that item, and sell it for way less. Shein posts new items everyday. The items they post are very trendy, and are similar to items you will see at Nordstrom or similar to designer items.

The sizing on the items varies a lot. I am usually a medium or 8. And I have pieces from there that are 6-10 and small-xl. When ordering an item, make sure to read the reviews!!! Reading reviews will help you visualize what it actually looks like on, and how the sizing works. I always read reviews, because not everyone looks like the models šŸ˜‰

The only downfall is the shipping & returning. The warehouse for Shein is in China, so the shipping takes at least a week- two weeks. But the good news is, they now offer free returns! So if an item doesn’t work, you can easily return it.

When ordering, realize you get what you pay for. The items are really cheap, so they only last a few times. I have a few tops that i constantly wear, but i also have a few dresses that look bad after wearing them twice. I usually only order tops and dresses. When reading the reviews on shorts & pants, I have realized they run really really small.

I hope this is helpful for anyone wanting to order from shein! Let me know what you guys decide to order!! Below I have posted a few items I have got from shein!



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